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Do you love wild dog simulator games or wild dog survival in city? well a special combination of wild dog games and angry dog attack 3d on city is here for the lovers of angry dog games. Wild and angry dog attack 3d is a ultimate 3D dog simulator game of a wild dog wounded shot in the forest area by animal hunters. Who doesn't love dogs! Here is a chance to live the life of a giant wild dog and angry german shepherd dog! For survival he is now in city and attacking people and their animals in angry dog attack. So this is the twist which has begun because you will be control or act like a wild dog this game and create rampage with your german shepherd dog. Enjoy the ultimate dog attack as strong as an angry and wild beasts to hunt food in the wilderness. The farm is at stake and angry dog is up for the extreme destruction in the suburban 3d fantasy city and also the surrounding of city animals with dog games 2017. Wild dog games and wild dog simulator were never been so thrilling and entertaining. You are just a download away from this super hot angry and Wild Dog Attack Simulator 3D.

Play as an African Wild Dog and with your choice also be a german shepherd dog and display your hunting instincts. This is a battle for hunt and survival! Run crazily in the wilderness fighting for survival. In this wild dog survival in city, you will be given quests to catch a specific animal, humans and create dog rampage and chaos in the city. Chase fast and attack to kill with your African wild dog or your angry dog which can be your favorite german shepherd in this angry dog games and angry dog attack 3d. Everyone loves dog or german shepherd dog and also want to live like and play wild dog games. You are wild and angry, looking for wild dog attack and want to slaughter anyone who comes within your sight in this wild dog simulator game and wild dog survival game in 3d city. If you love angry dog games you will get crazy with this real wild dog attack aka wild dog games. Make your angry dog to the strongest dog in the jungle and city. All you have to do is just create chaos and dog rampage in the city and become an angry dog ever in this 3d simulator game.


- Multiple missions of battle, hunt and survival with your wild dog sim and dog games 2017.
- Realistic and thrill 3D angry dog games animation and gameplay.
- Just attack and break the things out which are within your sight and clear dog quests.
- wild dog games where you can play as german shepherd dog or wild African dog and control your jungle beast dog
- Ferocious angry dog attacking features to fight aggressively on the prey in dog survival quest.


Dog Sim 2017.apk 40 MB

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