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This amazing angry fighter hero game is a mixture attack & fighting. Final Battle has just started as you have escaped from prison and now take revenge and attack as angry fighter or fighter hero. You are on the mission to catch your old enemies and start in this angry fighter game. The epic battle of street fighters vs. thugs of the city has begun! It's your chance now to stop like police street crimes and put criminals in their place. This city is under full violence , criminals and fighter has come to take the revenge from old criminal circle. Angry Fighter Hero Attack is a mixture of adventure with lots of epic fights and RPG action for attack. Move forward with as a fighter and fulfill all combating missions. There can only be one crime fighter boss, and it has to be you in Angry Fighter Hero Attack with his big stick to fight.

The mafia, thugs and other fighters are out spread in the town. Innocents are being killed and people are living a horrible life in the city like a real hell. Wipe your town of thugs, thieves, and mobsters by patrolling in a 3d city for maximum thrill. Control the big city as a sole stick hero with fighter attack combos and also take old rivalry revenge from criminals. Wander through city streets and find out the bad guys. Don’t let pedestrians get attacked, or banks get robbed. RPG mobster & thug fighting game in which you will ride through the city on fighter motorcycle in search of bad guys and mafia.

Speed up your muscle car and race down fast as you are chase by police. Cop chasers are fast on their upgraded vehicles. Grab your stick and attack them and escape your self from cop car. This is top angry fighter game of 2017 with grand attacks and vehicle drive and steal with amazing street racing skills. Be a real angry fighter hero in this final attack and massive brawls with other thugs. Kill your old rivals and rule over the city after the final battle in this fighter revenge grand battle.

Features of Mega Attack with Angry Fighter Hero:

- Real thrill & epic fights with criminals and thugs in revenge mission. 
- Car racing, stealing and bike riding mission while roaming around the streets. 
- Amazing animations and ultimate final battle in grand game. 
- Smooth controls and real 3D gameplay in fighter attack.
- Fight with punch, kick and heavy stick like stick fighter.

Download now this final city fight among the gangsters, criminals and mafia with our Angry Fighter Hero Attack. You have fighter attack qualities show off now.


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